March 14, 2011

Seven Feet Up

I simply Love chase photos. Obviously, no?  Seven feet up. Please do not point out that only five feet are visible. When my dogs start to play I have been learning to position myself so I can catch them when they need to jump over an obstacle, crest a hill, jump off a cliff (small).  I have been trying to pan shots of them running, but they seldom go in a straight line for long.
 We met Jax walking along the canal.  He is one years old, and a real beauty.  A black dog and harsh sunlight, but we could not resist this pose.  Good photo. Thanks Jax.
Following the gang.  My girl always like to follow the dogs we meet, follow them till I cannot see her anymore and I get worried.  But so far she always comes back.  He nickname is "curious girl" and it is appropriate.  I am constantly thrilled at how well all the dogs at Norm's Island get along. "What else did you expect"? asks Chocolate. "Dogs are cool" You are right my buddy.
 A bit of Norm's Island Joy captured here. Yeah, I tweaked it a bit. To bring out her hair. Art, ya know. Her hair barely holds detail, and when pushed it gets weird, like in this image. The low resolution does not help, not a bit. Too much sharpening makes it strange, but the energy is what I wanted from it.  She is really muddy, that is what the gray splotches are.  I Love You Blanca. Does it show? Jeez!

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