March 23, 2011

Big Beautiful Spring Snow

This morning Norm's Island was the most beautiful place in the world.  It was absolutely breathtaking. My kids found it to be quite exhilarating. Is this not the best dog picture I have ever taken, I keep asking myself. So much happiness, I need to send it to the Dali Lama. 

Come On Over 

Diego with a big stick. Diego and Chocolate have a common interest, sticks, which of course is not always good.  But it works out. Diego is one beautiful boy.

 Hi Fergus.  All this before we even get across the bridge, and there is more to come.

Some of The Human "Island Regulars"

Mike and Diego.  Sorry about that tripod leg Mike.

Kelley, who is at the Island everyday in her role as K9 Playtime. Somedays she is with just her own dogs.
Kelley and her Troup? her Pack?  The boy with the green ball is going tomorrow for knee surgery. Kelley had I think five dogs today, I caught only two.  Sorry the picture is so narrow Kelley, I think they allow only so many square units, so the height counts. Square pictures are bigger.

John with Bandit, Bella, and Scout.
That is Bandit in the foreground.  He is very friendly to me, always stands up to see what I am doing.  I have been trying to get a picture of Scout and Bella for a long time, but Scout is old and needs to keep moving, so I never get a chance. John is the one in the red cap, the red cap that made me take the picture. Thanks John.  John has three dogs. The others are Kelley's. Someday I will get a picture of the Dalmatians on a good green or amber field.  It is coming.
 But in the meantime, whoa, look what I found. Bella is focused on Blanca. 

Penny walks at Norms everyday, everyday, with her friends Cathy and Ms Mel. This is my best photo of her yet. She is very shy, and looks at me very suspiciously, which does not make for a good photo. She has good attention here. Penny is a beautiful girl, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, who was very lucky to find her friend Cathy. Penny was painfully shy when Cathy first got her. 

And Finally, The Setting
  Busy Day Today ;-)


  1. Ken great shots as usual. Fergus looks his crazy self, and Diego thanks you. Really like Penny's photo as she looks like she posing in a studio setting. Not that I'm crazy about studio shots, but here you've Penny looking strong and proud. (This should put a smile on Cathy's face.) Great shot. ... Your landscapes were a nice surprise. Wednesday morning was a fantastic morning to be out at Norm's with all the snow thick and heavy in the trees. Great shots. Keep 'em coming. Mike/Diego

  2. Ken, you should seriously consider making all your pics available through Smugmug, especially the landscapes. I know you mostly want to present the pups, but these are some pretty good landscapes of Norm's Island. Mike/Diego