March 10, 2011

Cara Blanca

I like this. Regular followers of this weblog will know that, of course he does. My Blanca Face. Today definitely felt like the first day of spring. It was warm, and the sun came out around noon.  I kept Blanca out a little to long in the sun I felt, I worry about her getting burnt on her eyelids.  It also is hard on her eyes because she has to squint when it is sunny.  Her pupils do not work. They move a little, but mostly they are fixed at one aperture. She likes heavily overcast days best.
Dog Happiness Convention. Notice that Niña is always in these group shots, Chocolate is usually by my side. 
 I turn around and here is Chocolate behind me. 
 Blanca on White.  I like this, pink nose and toes.

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