March 3, 2011

Dog Park News & An Editorial

I am just learning about all this, but I see that there will be a presentation at Off the Leaf on Saturday, March 5 from 9 am to 11 am by Marcia Clausing and committee members of the group Friends of Billings Dog Parks.  So if you walk your dog, this could be of interest.  The dog park thing has so far had a pretty low profile, with little information out about it.  Maybe this will help.
Dog Poop
Something that has been concerning me is the lack of effort by the users of Norm's Island to pick up after their dogs.  It is pretty disgusting actually. This may soon become much more of an issue because I read that parts of the area around Norms, maybe some of Norms, is going to be transferred (possibly) to the city of Billings.  We are all aware of the Billings City Ordinance about dogs in parks.  You can look this up in the Gazette, there was an article on February 4th. We need to be able to defend Norms as a place to take dogs.  The dog poop is not in our favor, and the advent of other dog parks as an alternative, and the proximity of the Audubon Society could lead to the end of the dog paradise we all know at Norm Schoenthal Island.  We do not live out in the country, Billings is a big ;-) city, so we should pick up after our dogs. In my opinion.

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