April 19, 2013

Ready for Spring

Constantly I am overwhelmed by the beauty I see at Norm's, just in the textures and colors of the trees and grasses and here of the Red Stick Dogwoods.  But seldom am I able to capture what I want on film.  I have done so a few times.  I like this one.

My friend Little Big Man on a slanted tree trunk.  You know where it's at.  Just west of Dog Beach.

Blanca had to get into the act.  This picture I took today (Saturday) and the picture of Finnegan I took yesterday.  I was trying to show the Finnegan photo to Rick and he exclaims "Hey, look at Blanca" She took the cue from Finnegan from yesterday and climbed the tree.  She went a body length higher than the little man.  It was really funny the way it happened.

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