April 11, 2013


We are sad today because today is the last day we will see the beautiful girls Karla and Koda.  They are  moving back to Washington tomorrow.  They have been walking at Norm's for I think it is one year now, about how old Koda is.  We will miss them, they are one of our favorite peeps and pups to walk with. Finnegan likes to play with Koda.

Koda will not miss Nina Blanca I am afraid, Blanca was always nipping at her, telling her to stay away from me.  Blanca is not very fond of energetic dogs, which Koda certainly is, their erratic behavior puts her on edge.
As always, if you click on a photo, it gets BIG!

Koda's studio portrait. What a beautiful girl.  I was never able to capture the wiggleness she displayed.  She is always flipping and jumping.  Very fun dog. We will miss them both.  Good Luck Girls.

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