April 13, 2013

Curious Girl and Friends

Beautiful Sweet Bally.  Bally and I have a thing.  We really like each other.  She is absolutely the sweetest girl. She is very similar to Chocolate, very soft and gentle.  She is always eager to see me.

Luckily, Blanca likes Bally.  It seems that Choco and Blanca favor very much other dogs of their breed.  There best friends on Norm's Island are all Aussies.  It is a wonderful thing when we come upon Kay and all four Aussies greet and play with each other.  Kay's Rollo seems to keep aside.  Of course Finny jumps right in the middle of it all, being especially rowdy with Selkie.

Blanca being curious about a new comer.  This is Skippy.  Love his ears.  We see Skippy quite often.

This picture is from this past December, but it is one of my favorite photos, so I include it here again because I mentioned Selkie and Rollo, and here they are.  L-R;  Rollo, Selkie, Nina Blanca, and Sweet Bally.

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