April 27, 2013

Beautiful Day

Update; As I have been looking at this picture the last few days, it has occurred to me; this is one happy bunch of dogs
We spent almost four hours at Norm's this morning.  We were lucky to see many of our favorite friends, both peeps and pups.  We walked a really fun 2 hour lap with Mike and Diego, Rick and Marne, Maggie and Spice Girl, and Petra and Addie.  All that after a quick lap with Steve, Brisbane and Shanti. We had a great time.  We kept meeting people and stopping for the pups to play and to talk, and for Mike to throw the ball, simply a marvelous time all around.  I have a bunch of photos to post, I will try to get them all up today.
Mike was throwing a tennis ball the whole time and I lost my usually dedicated boy dogs for the whole day.  Above is the Dog Piper of Norm Schoenthal Island leading his dedicated followers.  He does this while never carrying treats. He even got the girl here.

Chillin Diego.  Needing a moment of relaxation after hours of chasing the tennis ball.

This is a baby here, we did not write down the name, but he was great.  Maybe someone can inform me as to his name.

Wow! Maggie May.  We never get photos of Maggie May.  She moves alot, and of course she is the dreaded by photographers black.  She is the sweetest girl.  We really like her, though because of Blanca I can never tell Mags how much I like her.

My boy Chunky Chocolate.  Choco is Diego's main protege.  He idolizes Diego, and has learned ball from him.

Beautiful Marne.  I really like Marne, I know I say that everytime I post a picture of her, but I do.  She has a great presents.

I am proud to call Rick my friend.  Here he is with Maggie May and Beautiful Marne.  He was workin on getting a photo of Diego walkin on the leaning tree.  He had the problem that his lens was 4000mm, so all he could get was Diego's eye.  But it was still good.

Here comes Brisbane.  Beautiful boy. Australian Shepherd who walks with his friend Shanti and his peeps Steve and Bronwyn.  I like this photograph.  Try as I might I have very few good photos of Bris.

I kept my camera pointed at Addie the whole time we walked together, this is all I got.  She never stops.  Addie was very much on Finnegan's case to play, and he would not, he was busy with playing ball with Mike, Diego and Chocolate.  Annoyed Addie to no end.  Addie is very lucky to be with her very good for her peep, Petra.

We met this beautiful boy today.  One of the advantages, amongst many disadvantages, of walking on Saturday.  One meets dogs and people that one has never seen before.  This boy is, like Blanca, a victim of Merle to Merle breeding.  He is deaf and partly blind.  He seems to do quite well, and it seems he has a very caring mom.  He has the same pink rimmed blue eye ans Blanca.  He is lucky though, he has black nose. Because of the black on his ears I wonder if he does not have some hearing in that ear.
I hope I get to photograph him in the studio, he was beautiful, though he pays a high price for being so beautiful.

Looking back on a very busy day, my beautiful Nina Blanca.


  1. Great pictures. Yes, it was a great day for everybody involved. Diego just loved it. Mike/Diego

  2. That was such a fantastic day. Thanks for posting. Great picture of Addie, I am surprised you did get one, you are right, she never stops. LOL :) Miss you guys. Addie & Petra