April 24, 2013

Lucy's Day at Norms

We had a special treat today because Lucy came with Missy and Emma to Norm's Island.  She is good at getting us to maintain a reasonable pace.  Here we caught Lucy seeking a better vantage point on top of an outcropping, watching Emma and Chocolate foolishly splashing into the Yellowstone after sticks.

Lucy getting a ride from her very faithful servant, Missy.  Missy is one of my favorite people.  I think that Lucy would concur.

Best Friends.  Missy and I were discussing how Finnegan will like a dog when he first meets them, play very hard with them, but the next time they meet he will ignore them.  Well, this is not the case with Emma.  Finn absolutely loves Emma, and they wrestle and tussle, taunt and tease and posture every time they see each other, and love every minute of it.


  1. Great pics of Lucy. ... Great example of play posturing between Finnegan and Emma. Hard to believe that's Emma. Mike/Diego

  2. I love that I'm one of your favorite people. That makes me happy.