December 1, 2012

Day Two . . .

My second day out with my new Nikon V1.  I read the manual last evening ( I use an after market manual by Thom Hogan - Great ) The light was hard, and because it is December there were alot of shadows, so I had to work around all that, but still, I learned that once you figure it's quirks the little Nikon can stop action. Our friend Mike is throwing a stick here, and Choco and his good buddy Diego are all ready for that action.  I have great photos of them running back, but I only have a normal lens so they are too small in the frame.  But they are in focus, one frame after another. Great!  I need to get a longer lens. Ha! and a job.

 I was impressed with this.  I was tracking Diego and Chocolate and Finnegan ran into the frame.  The camera did not lose focus on the two dogs, it ignored Finny.  That is cool.  Finny is out of focus more than it looks, I put some output sharpen on him.  The lens was wide open, so the camera has great depth of field, which of course is a mixed blessing.

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