December 7, 2012

Koda at Norm Schoenthal Island

I got some nice photographs of Koda at Norms on Wednesday. We spent a couple of hours and 500 frames trying, so we should have gotten something. She is a very photogenic dog. She moves alot, so that is a challenge.

Very similar photo.  She is looking at me rather sceptically here. It is a bit frustrating because she is a very small (for a Vishla), but that does not show up in the photographs.  Nor did I capture her boundless energy.  She twists this way and that all the time, jumping up and doing complete circles in the air, it is great to watch, and I wish it were easier to capture on film, but I have not achieved the results.  Film. It is digital. Wow, the cost of developing 500 frames of film!  I have done it. Glad those days are past.  Sorry Kodak.
I have quite a few pictures of her, these may not be the best, I just picked two quickly. She looks older in these photos, she is only seven months old.  Maybe I will get another chance, Karla?

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