December 2, 2012

Nina Blanca & Chocolate's Grandpapa

Not My Photograph, so, maybe I should not be posting this, as I have no idea who the photographer is so I cannot give credit, but I absolutely love this.  I do wish that the photographer was me.  Perhaps, and I am hoping this, since it is a magazine cover I am okay using it.
I post this because I love the photograph, and, because Winslow is my kids grandpa.  He was, I do believe, 4 times national champion, and as you can see was a Hall of Fame champion.  We are very proud of him.  Of course we never met him, and his son, Choco and Blanca's dad, never was able to compete, and after one generation I understand all is lost. Oh well.  I love my kids if they never herd anything. 
I love this photograph.  It gives me the chills, it is so cool. It inspires me to keep taking photos.

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