December 30, 2012

Good Friends and Big Ice, by Michael E Garcia

I have never seen the ice like this before.  Not in Billings.  There is an ice jam downriver and it has caused the water to back up, then freeze, creating these huge hunks of ice.  The river is not this deep, the water under the ice is pretty shallow still.  Finnigan broke through the ice a couple of days ago, before it was this thick, and I had to test the depth, thinking I would have to wade out after him.  He got back though.
I am standing here with my wonderful, intelligent, and informed friend Missy Seu, and her Black English Lab Emma, and Chocolate on the left.  Missy Loves Emma.
It is cold, like 8 degrees at this time.  We have had a long cold spell since the day before Christmas.  Christmas morning was below zero when we crawled out of our warm warm bed.  This morning, Sunday, was a more reasonable 18 degrees when we went to Norm's.
This photograph was taken by our friend Michael E Garcia with his beloved Canon 7D and his equally loved 70-200 f4 lens(which causes me lens envy-Nikon just introduced one similar).  F11 at 125th of a second.  I made that part up. 
Glad that I am friends with Missy.  I am glad that I prefer to were desert khaki when I walk at Norm's.

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  1. I do love Emma. And I love that you are one of my friends here in Montana. I will remember not to wear all black for future outings...I only try to be matching with Emma since I love her so. I love this picture. And thank you for thinking that I am intelligent. :-)