December 4, 2012

Treats for the Kids

Laura, with treats, obviously.  So, let's see.  Blanca, Finnegan, Chocolate, Beau, Gracie, Neeky.  Laura is a regular at Norms, almost daily.  She is a colourful dresser, with a distinct preference for purple. Dog Lady.  I hope that is okay Laura, it is better than treat lady, though that may be the dogs preference.  This is actually quite rare, nobody is jumping. Usually it would be 6 dogs jumping.
Laura is a quite accomplished artist, a very precious and rare thing for Billings.  Laura's dogs are Gracie and Beau.

1 comment:

  1. That was a fun moment. I got the treat bag out, said "all dogs, sit!" and they did, eventually. All the dogs waited for their treats, everyone was very polite! It's always good when the "pack" decides to cooperate. Of course treats are a great motivator. We seldom miss a morning on the Island but are usually out earlier than other groups that we enjoy. Walking there has been fabulous for the dogs, inspirational for me and I have made new friends. Ken, it's a great photo and Thanks for the nice words!