November 30, 2012

New Camera - Nikon 1 V1

I did not get many good pictures, I should have read the instructions :-)  I like this though. Blanca and Rollo.
I bought the camera because of its speed. It focuses fast, it handles fast, but alas, one has to get all the settings correct first.  I like the colour it produces. 
Tip: if anyone is interested in this line of cameras, now is a good time to buy.  I would not have bought this camera except that I got a great price.  I paid $350, normally it was listed at $900.  They have introduced a new version, the V2, plus I do not think they have been flying off the shelf.  I have been looking at it since it was introduced, but the price was too high. It is a good deal at $350.  It is small enough to walk about with on a regular basis.

 I got some great still photos.  Kay's gang here, with my Nina Blanca.  That is Rollo on the left, Selkie with the exhausted look, Blanca, and Bally.  I like Bally.  She is very similar in personality to my boy Chocolate.  Actually, I like all of these dog A LOT.  Rollo is a mix.  Selkie and Bally are Aussies.

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