November 19, 2012

We All Went to Missoula

Here Blanca poses in front of my friends Chuck and Beth Kaparich's new home in Missoula.  Chuck built the Carousel for Missoula, and his mind and immense energy is always looking for creative outlets, so he built this wonderful new home.  The right side is a 2700 square foot shop, and the left side and the silo is the living quarters.  Bedrooms are upstairs.  It is really beautiful.  Chuck built this himself with the help of one other person.  Chuck has more energy the first hour of each day than I have had in my whole life.  That is Linda's car in front of the stone silo. 
We had a wonderful time visiting my old friends.  I lived in Missoula from 1989 until 1997. 

 Another view, this from the street looking northwest, I think.  The window on the end where the hay lifter upper (anyone know the real name, I am from Cleveland) usually would be is a bedroom.  Chuck tried to make it look as authentic barn looking as he could and still have it be a habitable home.  I think he did a great job.  Next he is going to build an old time looking farm house for his sister Donna to live in.

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