November 25, 2012

Big, Wet, Snow

We had a nice snow this morning. 
Blanca thinks we cannot see her, she is waiting to ambush Chocolate.
We met and walked with Kiva, Mimi and Paul.  I got some good pictures of Kiva, I will work on them now and try to get them up today.

A great photograph of Kiva.  Love it.  Kiva and Finnigan really hit it off today and played rambunctiously.  Thanks Kiva, we need to get Finn all the exercise we can.
I should point out that these are two different white Australian Shepherds. Notice the noses.  Blanca is on top, Kiva in the bottom photo.
I took my big camera out with me today because of the snow, so I was able to get some action photos.  I am glad that I did, even though me, my dogs and my camera got really really soaked.  It was really warm, and when the snow hit you it may as well have been rain.

I just lost an entire post, which I put up yesterday.  One must be careful.  I had in that post some links discussing white Australian Shepherds.  Here they are again.  I said a bunch of things in that post I would like to have back.  Oh well.
Link:  The White Aussie Project
Link:  Inheritance of Color in Australian Shepherds

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