November 21, 2012

Two White Dogs, Again

We were lucky today and were able to walk for a short way with Kiva.  She is a beautiful  (I am biased) white Spanish Shepherd (Aussie)  I love to see her, because she and Blanca are so similar.  The most obvious thing of course is their whiteness, but almost more important is the way they carry themselves, it is so similar.  Their bone structure is the same, long skinny legs, and they both have curious girl personalities. I like this picture.

I did not have a good camera with me so I had to work with what I had, a Canon S90, which is a nice compact camera, but its operation is SLOW.  So I did not get any great shots.

Kiva has more color on her than Blanca, and she is only deaf in one ear.  She is blessed with a black nose. For white dogs a pink nose is very easy to burn. Kiva does not have as pink eyelids as Blanca.

Chocolate finds Kiva to be very curious.  "Hey you look just like my sister"

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