February 18, 2011

Rosy on a Chilly Day

Despite a thermometer reading of 20° it was cold cold today.  But we were lucky to be able to walk with Rosy and her friend Emily anyway.  Rosy seems a mix, Border Collie ears but Aussie coloring and feathering. Maybe just a different Australian.  We had met her before and she had not been so friendly, but today all was well.  She played with Chocolate and Blanca. I think she is liking coming to the Island.
Look what I found.  Finders Keepers, I think she would be saying.  Blanca is interested, but who will be reeeeally interested is coming up behind.  Chocolate likes to play keep away.  I think Rosy has the same idea.
 Thanks Rosy.  It was nice walking with you and talking with your friend Emily.

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