February 22, 2011


Your not going to be mad at me, are you Diego, for putting this picture up, are you?  It shows off your beautiful black on brown coloring, your great tail, your wonderful trim build, and your very charming left ear.  But I keep seeing in your expression "your not really going to take my picture when I have a snow nose, are you mister?"  I think it is a great picture of you, though I admit it does not capture your usual carefree happy Diego attitude.  I will work on trying to capture that Diego. Didn't get it today.

Correction: Diego's colours are black-tipped mahogany, and also I forgot to mention that he is a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd designer canine dog. Sorry Diego, no slight intended - actually I did not know how to spell Malinois.

Choco says "you had better get a better picture of Diego pronto, friend"

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  1. I look like a dork, Mister Camera Guy. And what's this black on brown thing? It's black-tipped mahogany. Mike said I should let this all go, but on behalf of all self-respecting Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd Dog designer canines everywhere, these slights will not go unforgotten. See ya around, Choco. You too, Mister Camera Guy. Diego.