February 3, 2011

Energetic Girl

We have been seeing Kenny and her friend Ashley at the Island on occasion, but it is hard to get a picture of this energetic girl.  I have a bunch of blurry ones, no good.  But today we got lucky and Kenny decided to seek a vantage point, stop, and take a look around. 
It was cold today, no where near the projected high, plus it was windy. But on the south side of Norms it was not bad, so we hung around hoping to get some pictures, maybe even one of the elusive foxes.  No luck with the fox, but thanks to Kenny we got this great picture.  
 I wanted an action photo of Kenny, and I found this really cool, almost abstract take.  Look at the ears fly. Good.


  1. I love these pictures!! Thank you!

  2. Kenny is just as sweet as she is energetic and beautiful, just don't mess with her if she's sleeping! We are having so much fun having her at our house.

  3. I think I know what Kenny is after. I've seen that look before! Go get em Ken