October 19, 2017

The Fall Portrait

The weather has been unbelievable.  Today was 80 degrees. We have been roaming about on Norm's all week.  Today we ventured into areas I have not been to in years.  This time of year is great because you can venture into areas that in warmer parts of the year would be tick infested.  Not now, we can wallow in old dead leaves and sit on old rotten logs and wander through the thickest foliage, no problem.  We can lay on our backs, well me anyway, in the tall grass and watch the clouds or like today the blue.
This photo was found.  I did not pose them as I usually do. I was sitting on the banks of the dry pond behind Dog Beach and I turned around and Choco Blanca were sitting in the shade watching me.  I got this pic.  So this will be the Official ChocoBlanca Fall 2017 Portrait.

I got it again.  Much heavier frost this time, and the sun was out.  My previous attempt was taken in overcast conditions.
  This was Tuesday morning I do believe.  This morning, Thursday, it was 45 by the time I got to this spot, so no frost. 
I have been taking a lot of pictures lately, which is good.  I need to get more processed and displayed. 

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