October 5, 2017

Eight Years Old

I took this photo last Friday, September 29, which was Chocolate and Nina Blanca's 8th Birthday.   it took until today to get it posted.  We have been walking at Norm's pretty regular, as the weather has been beautiful, even when it was cold and rainy.  You must excuse Choco, he is taking the still moment to practice his mindfulness meditation.  

Moxie and Susan were walking with us, and Sharon and Bentley.  Moxie is a great poser.  

The sky was an amazing deep blue. No polarizer on this (wouldn't work anyway, they need to be at 90 degrees)  I did push the blue up in photoshop. Some, not much.  This is how I saw it.

Choco and Bentley are pretty impressed too, I would say.  Sorry, the word producing part of me is not working, but I wanted to get these photos up.  I take so many photos that never make it out of the computer . . . .

I LOVE Norm Schoenthal Island.  Thanks Norm.  Norms helps me keep my sanity in this crazy, and getting crazier world.

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