October 25, 2017


Puppy.  We have been seeing Skye quite regularly lately.  She is still shy of other dogs, but people not at all.  This is difficult, a solid black dog with the sun to her back.  But we were able to pull it off with help from the Nik filter detail extractor, which I have been using often as of late on Blanca.  I see it works quite well on black also.  I tried to pull the black up without using a filter first but I was not as successful. My version caused the black to go much flatter.  Disappointing they have discontinued these filters.  

I am not sure how old Skye is.  She walks with her peep Jenny, I hope I am getting both names correct.  For years we have been seeing Skye's sibling at Norm's, but she has reached the age where walking at Norm's is too much, so Skye has taken over the job.  Skye is a pleasure to see.

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