June 18, 2017

Norm's Report

Chocolate Blanca and I put on our brave suit, actually it was only me, and ventured out to Norm's this morning.  It was sixty degrees, overcast and no wind.  Perfect mosquito weather.  We kept moving and had no problems with the little pests.  The few times we stopped, they found us.  So it was not bad mosquito wise.
The water is down quite a bit.  I was able to never get my feet wet.  The east end of the island still has water across the path, and there is one place on the cross path where one would have to wade ankle deep to go that way. We went back. We went to Dog Beach then went left and then left again into the interior where the Cheatgrass is taking over.  Then back out to the river.  So we got in about 7500 steps without getting our feet wet.
I did not take my cameras as I did not think we were going to be able to walk.
We sat for about 20 minutes on the banks of the river, the slight breeze keeping us mosquito free.  It was a pleasant time, even if we were sprinting most of the time.

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