June 8, 2017

Norm Schoenthal Island; Water is High

Blanca says "I will wait here while you decide what we are going to do" We walked west, away from this flooding.  It is flooded everywhere.  You can take a nice walk and get only wet up to your ankles, but if you wanna go all the way around you are gonna get your knees wet.
The bigger problem now is that since there has been ground water seeping up for at least a week, the mosquitoes have had time to hatch a brood.  The are abundant now.

These thees will probably go soon.  We have lost a good 6-10 feet in some places on the south side of the Island.

Oh well, change is inevitable.

But not all is lost.  The grasses this year have been magnificent.  I guess it is all the moisture we have been getting.  I have no idea about the names for these grasses, except the cheatgrass.  But they are great.  

Choco met some new friends.  We have been seeing them occasionally. They are all young, compared to Chocolates 8 years, so he is a little nippy with them.

Then we have, what did Tim call them? The Branch Managers? Good one. Elsa, Phillip and Moxie.

Copy is supposed to be under the pictures.  Sorry, I got confused ;-)

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