June 27, 2017

Movin The Bench, Again.

Chocolate is askin, "where did it go?"
We were present when the Riverfront volunteers moved the bench - Again.  On the point here we have lost an amazing amount of island.  Maybe like 30 yards or so, I have no idea.  I remember when this point went out at least half a football field ( a unit of measure I am confident in, I was in the Marching Band, one of the joys of my life ). Used to be a huge logjam here which the dogs loved, you could walk on it, and a great swimming hole behind it for playing fetch the ball in the water.  No more, the water is raging past. I will look for pictures of it.
The year of "The Oil Spill" this bench actually went into the drink, was not to be seen again until the water went down, in maybe late July or August. After they dredged it out the put it WAY back here, not far enough obviously.
Norm's Island is being chewed away pretty aggressively on the south side, the river side.  I do not remember it being so fiercely attacked the first 10 years or so I walked at Norm's, even in years where the Island flooded, not so much land area was lost.  Sigh.

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