May 15, 2013

Sweet Molly

Today I photographed Molly.  She is a Labradoodle.  She is a very sweet soft girl that I liked very much.  As you can see, it is hard to see Molly.  She is in there somewhere.  Maybe next week I will photograph her on a white, and put a light behind my head so we can see her eyes, maybe. In the darkness of the studio her pupils open all the way up.  I put a light on her to see if it would help, but it was not powerful enough.
We met Molly walking at Norm's Island.  She walks with her peep Sharron.  I posted a picture of Molly at Norm's last week.
Molly is a beautiful, and gentle girl.  Normally he is pretty high energy, but she was low key for the photo session.
Molly may have been cautious of me because my girl Blanca gives Molly a hard time.  Will not let her approach me.

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