May 11, 2013

Berkeley, Puppy Extraordinare

This is Berkeley.  She is a 12 week old Labradoodle, obviously leaning heavily to the Lab part of that.  She is a miniature version, and will not be too big.  She is very sweet, with sharp teeth and sharp claws, and she liked running toward me and jumping on my head.
Puppies are both easy and difficult.  They are easy because they are small, and they do really cute maneuvers, but the seldom hold still and are sometimes eager to explore beyond the local area, and of course they do not mind yet, oh, and they pee.  Berkeley was no different from this, but she did quite well.
We met Berkeley one day at Norm's Island when her peep Sharon was carrying her around.  Luckily for Berkeley Sharon is not going to let her on the ground at Norm's till she has her second set of shots. Very smart of Sharon.  So most days she stays at home while Sharon walks with her other Labradoodle Molly. When she is free to run at Norm's I hope to get some photos of her there.   I hope to have a photo, a studio photo, of Molly here soon.

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  1. This puppy is SUPER CUTE. Great image (I wanted to use the word "shot," but didn't)!!