May 9, 2013


Today in our studio we were honored to have Pearl.  Four month old Chocolate Labrador.  She is a beauty.  I met Pearl at Norm's Island walking with her peeps Lee Anne and Nathan.  I could not pass up the chance to photograph this beautiful pup.  She is named for the white mark on her chest.
This was a lighting experiment. I have never photographed a dog with must one light before. I like it, but still think we need a slight kicker in from stage right.

That darn ball again.  The ball makes it much easier to deal with photographing puppies.  Trade secret there.  But it does become a problem when the same ball is in all of your photos.  Simon made this ball famous.

1 comment:

  1. Love the ball in the mouth as it says something mischievous about being a puppy. But giving it a second look, it kinda makes the puppy look 10 feet tall. Kinda cool, actually. Mike/Diego