January 28, 2011

Ranger and Wallace

Uncle? Two Doodles here.  Ranger is a Labradoddle, and Wallace is a GoldenDoodle.  Unfortunately The only pictures I got of Wallace are in the down side position.  He is a beautiful dog.
Can You Hear Me Now? Ranger is one happy dog.  He gets to come to the Island most days, and he meets and gets to play with a wide range of dogs.  These two, Ranger and Wallace were a great match.

Great Day for Ranger.  I got several great pictures of him this day.  Unfortunately I ran out of film (card full) I need to get a bigger card soon.

 I found a picture of Wallace.  I hated to let it go without a picture showing how happy he is. I passed on this the first edit through because it is slightly out of focus, a definite no no.  But It is okay here at this small size.  I must let go of perfection sometimes.

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