January 28, 2011

My Beautiful Girl

People are going to get the idea that I like this dog or something.  She is up on a rise and I am down in a draw, perfect set up.  I should explain about Blanca's eyes because it is interesting. Her eyes did not develop correctly and her pupils are fixed, they do not get bigger for the dark or smaller for bright light, so in the sun she squints.  I try to keep her out of bright light. Her pupils also are set low in her eyeball, which gives her a strange look, along with the fact that her eyes do not focus on the same spot, they tend to drift outward, the opposite of crosseyed - Strabismus Extropia it is called. It does not effect her, she is very on top of it.  Yes, I do love Blanca.  She is a wonderful dog.

1 comment:

  1. Ken, really like the shots of all the dogs. Seeing the dogs in this natural environment and all their interaction and playing underscores why having a dog companion is such a joy for so many. Great shots. Mike/Diego