January 17, 2011

Joy At Norm Schoenthal Island

Today we have decided to begin putting photographs that I take at Norm's Island on the Blog. I go to the Island everyday for a couple hours and many days I take my camera. I often get really good shots of dogs, but never see the owners for days or weeks, then I forget and they never see the great photos of their dogs.
Norm's Island is a joy. The dogs absolutely love it, the people are friendly, and the exercise for all is a good thing. I have been to many dog parks across the western United States, and the best public place I have found to take my dogs is right here in Billings Montana.
My dogs and I thank everyone who is responsible for the existence of Norm Schoenthal Island. The volunteers, whoever it is that owns the land, and especially for Norm for making it happen. Thank you all.
Today I put up a picture of my Spanish Shepherds Nina Blanca and Chocolate, expressing their joy at being at Norm Schoenthal Island.Add Image

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories. Great photos.