November 7, 2013


Today we met Gabe, and walked with him and his peep Ilene.  Gabe is a beautiful 3 year old full size Airedale, Airdales being King of the Terriers, Ilene said.  Finnegan simply loved Gabe and they played pretty hard for most of the time we walked together.  It will be interesting to see what Finn does next time he sees Gabe, as I have written before, often he will ignore dogs on the second meeting. They had so much fun, it would be hard to believe.
Ilene said that she had just retired and has been bringing Gabe to the Island everyday.  He obviously is very happy with this development.  It is certainly good for him.
Today was an ideal fall day.  I was dressed too warmly, dressing for the 35 degrees the computer said before I left the house.  Must learn to go outside for awhile before leaving the house.

We got some nice photos of everybody today.  Earlier in the morning it was thinly overcast, my favorite kinda light for dogs.  But as the morning progressed, and by the time we got Gabe worn out a little and over to the south side of the island, the sun was pretty strong.  This photo of Blanca, she is watching someone walk by on the trail, we are off in the middle of a field taking pictures, was taken early.

Must be something over there.  The light is a little stronger in this photo.  Choco photographs best in profile. I like these two photos, and these two dogs.  Now I need to look for something with Little Big in it.

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