September 29, 2012

Cloudy Fall Day

Bunch of friends gather for a day of stick at our very favorite place.  Finnegan, Neeky, Chocolate, and in front our new friend Snickers. They are waiting for Snicker's peep Dean to throw the stick.  Neeky keeps an eye on Chocolate.
The Island has been absolutely gorgeous the last weeks,  though it is very dusty and dry because of the lack of rain.

Neeky and Finn are great friends.  The Little Big Man is not even slightly intimidated by difference in size, but he does not like to be ganged up on, which does happen because he is a popular fella.

Snickers is pretty comfortable with this group of dogs, and has even begun to play stick with them, though she still prefers her own game.

Karen, Neeky's peep, is in charge of the stick now.  I love the focus here.

Beautiful girl Neeky.  She is a Border Collie Mix, mixed with something big I do believe, maybe several things.  Nice dog.

Cameo of the girl. I like this.

 Ha! I do not believe this is directed at me, I think most likely Finnegan is on my lap or next to me.  Great Photo. 

Everybody got worn out this day, that is the object, no?

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